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recipes for the country gourmet

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Chile Huevo Cazuela de Suave

With mild green chile, a little bite from Jalapeno jack cheese, the quiche like egg mix is a hit for all ages. Think creamy texture, buttery flavor and a very mild heat.

Major Ingredients: Butter, Chopped Green Chilies (canned), Eggs, Jalapeno Monterrey-jack Cheese grated, Small Curd Cottage Cheese

recipes for the country gourmet

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Nebraska Steak with Wild Mushroon sauce

I call it Nebraska steak because when I made it for my Dad and Mom, he was so impressed with the tenderness, he asked if it was from Nebraska. I said, no it was from Giant Markets. I have no idea why Nebraska would make a difference.

Major Ingredients: (s) Black Trumpet dried, (s) Button Mushrooms, Boneless Chuck Roast

recipes for the country gourmet

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Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

Quick enchiladas made with mostly store bought ingredients.

Major Ingredients: Boneless Chicken thighs, Chedder-jack cheese grated, Enchilada Sauce, Flour "fajita" style tortillas, Marinade, Refried black beans

recipes for the country gourmet