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Comida Robusto Taco Meat

source: Clay T. Martin

recipes for the country gourmet
recipes for the country gourmet

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recipes for the country gourmet

This meat and spice mixture tastes great in tacos, burritos, or any other similar use. Even better, it freezes well. So make lots and freeze it in containers sized for one meal for your family.

recipes for the country gourmet


4poundsGround Beef
3cupsSliced Onions
2teaspoonsBacon Fat
1.5cupsBeef Stock
1.5tablespoonsGarlic chopped
5tablespoonsMexican Spice Mix  (see below)
0.75cupRed Wine
recipes for the country gourmet


The onions should be sliced less than 1/4 inch, it will take about 5 medium onions Figure 1. Finely chop your garlic Figure 2.

Heat up your large fry pan on high, and when warm coat the bottom with the bacon fat. You just need to wet the pan bottom, so use just enough. Toss in the meat (don't break it up yet) and the onions around it Figure 3 . Leave it all alone for 2-3 minutes to develop some tasty brown goodness. Then break into large chunks and turn it over. Leave this alone for a few minutes or until you see liquid in the bottom of the pan. At this point you are not "browning" anymore and you can start to break the meat up with vigor and add your salt.

After a few minutes add the garlic Figure 4. Keep breaking the meat up and stirring just until all the meat is lost its red color. Add the spice mix and stir well. The pan liquids should dry up somewhat Figure 5. Continue to brown for another minute. on med-high. Sprinkle the flour on top Figure 6 and stir it in. Brown on med-high until a residue starts to stick to the bottom of the pan. Turn down if you need to so that it does not burn.

Add the wine and return heat to high Figure 7. Work the bottom of the pan to work up all the flavor. When wine is reduced by half, add the stock. When this comes to a simmer, reduce the heat to med-low. Stir occasionally and let it simmer until the liquid (there will be oil) disappears Figure 8 .

Note, look at the action in the pan, water based liquid boils from the center. Oil, on the other hand, bubbles next to the meat, not from the center.

Depending on the meat, you may have more oil in the pan than you would like. If you prop the pan up with a trivet Figure 9. Then push the meat up from the bottom to make a well. Use you spatula to make channels from the oil at the high side to the well Figure 10. After you have given it time to move, scoot the meat in around the oil to make to pool deeper Figure 12. Then you can use a spoon or small ladle to remove the oil.

What to do with the oil? Well after straining and removing all water, you can freeze it. After that? Fry some pork chops in it, same with chicken tenders. Take some raw quartered tortillas and fry in it. Serve with sour cream.

recipes for the country gourmet


You can use different ground meats for this, or a mix. I like 60% beef, 40% pork. All pork is ok too. If you use something like ground turkey, add some extra bacon fat as turkey is very lean and can stick to the pan without extra oil.

If you want to kick it up, add some green chilies with the onion. If they are canned, add with the garlic. You can also take some dried ancho chilies, soak in the stock heated to just under boiling (after removing stems and seeds). After 1/2 hour drain and then cut up into chunks and add with the onions.

recipes for the country gourmet

Clay's Mexican Spice

See the full recipe

3tablespoonsAncho chili powder
2tablespoonsCumin powder
1tablespoonGarlic powder
1tablespoonOnion powder
0.5teaspoonBlack pepper
0.25tablespoonDeArbol chili powder
0.5tablespoonMexican Oregano
1teaspoonRed pepper flakes (optional)


Rub the oregano between your hands to powder it well. Mix all the ingredients and store for later use.

I usually make a lot at a time, 'cause I use it for lots of stuff. Just multiply up or substitute another unit of measure. Remember 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon. I also don't put salt in this because of all the different things I use it for. This way I can add the amount of salt suitable for the dish.

recipes for the country gourmet