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Cajun Blackened Steak

source: Clay T. Martin

recipes for the country gourmet
recipes for the country gourmet

84% would make this again.

recipes for the country gourmet

A very spicy thin tender steak. It's also a dramatic way to cook a cheaper cut of beef. This is an outdoor recipe unless you have a professional vent hood.

recipes for the country gourmet


4poundsBeef steaks 1/2 inch thick
2cupsCajun Blackening Spice  (see below)
2cupsClarified butter
1cupHalf and Half
1mediumOnion, sliced
recipes for the country gourmet


Marinade the meat in the fridge for a few days in 1/2 and 1/2 or cream and sliced onions. Do not use a vinegar based marinade!

Heat up skillet. Remove any remaining bits from the marinade and pat meat dry. Put a good heap of spice mixture on a plate. Brush top of meat with the butter and place face down in the spice powder. Brush the other side and flip.

Ladle some clarified butter into the middle of the red hot skillet. Immediately drop the steak in. Don't breath the smoke! These will cook very fast so in a minute or 2, pick up the steak out of the pan, ladle in more butter and flip. Beware of over cooking. Repeat with the other steaks.

recipes for the country gourmet


I buy rump roast and cut into 1 1/2+ inch slices and pound it down to 1/2 inch thick.

A cast iron skillet is a must! This will not work if you do not have a very hot heat source, at least 80,000 btu. I use a 170,000 btu burner fuiled by a grill sized propane can.

The lower the heat source, the longer you must wait between steaks.

Don't breath the smoke!!!

For an interesting variation use butter milk instead of half and half.

recipes for the country gourmet

Clay's Cajun Blackening Spice

See the full recipe

1cupBlack pepper
1cupRed pepper powder (cayenne or a mix)
1cupWhite pepper powder
0.5cupGarlic powder
0.25cupGumbo File powder (optional)
0.5cupOnion powder
0.25cupRosemary (fine powder)
0.25cupSage (fine powder)


Mix all the ingredients well. Keep in a jar until used. Salt may cause clumping in damper climates.

recipes for the country gourmet